i can't watch this..

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  • Honestly no hate i am really really pissed of the black girl and the girl in the hijab(not saying this is a racist way its just that she actually pisses me)They run their mouth too much i like abby she is so truthful

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  • The money should have been split between the first four people voted out.

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  • 20:32 "upper echelon twats" -Deji 2021

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  • 0:00

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  • Those two black people acted like they are oppressed but I bet they live pampered lives I hate them so much

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    • Agreed just using the black card even tho ik black myself couldn't agree more

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  • You see I don't really agree with the saying "Money is the root to all evils" honestly I don't think it's the money. I think it's just the people themselves and the money is the motive. Especially if there is a lack of it, you get what I'm saying?

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  • Another titel for this video should be this will ruin your day

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  • whole lota racism up in here gawd damn, that was a madness even went after the immigrant teen with a child lol ruthlessness

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  • 7 people atrected to men being holes for 20 minutes straight

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  • Voting for cat deji what do you say

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  • The black guy was literally the shittiest person in there. I’m black and I understand that we have to work 2 times as hard as anyone else sometimes just because of the colour of our skin but for him to attack white people because they are white is fucked up because just how WE can’t control our skin colour they can’t control theirs. I hate the fact that he uses black struggle as an excuse.

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  • lets say if someone has to pay for a funeral they would vote them off honestly especially the the shakera girl she would vote them off tbh

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  • wow these ppl are disgusting

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  • banana

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  • this video make me hate the emancipation

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  • when man want to suit with the girlie they have to act like a girl..Why man

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  • So the average lifespan of a tire on a car is about 4-5 years depending on how much you drive (distance is about 60k-70k km) Surely you would be able to save up enough to afford a change every couple years. Even if you have a family. Its called managing your money.

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  • I just started watching deji and he's so funny

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  • All those people are mad annoying

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  • this just pressed me off on a whole other level, it was so stupid and messed up, humans are really disgusting

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  • When that girl with the hijab said “I love you all because we’re all black” Imagine bringing in race to win a competition with a 3 weeks minimum wage cash prize.

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  • im pissed but i lauged really hard at the end bc i thought to my self what of he just'went ''im joking u guys dont get the money i just wanted to how would u act so where giving the to the people that got voted out''

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  • block your face next time

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  • Deji

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  • 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌 banana

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  • Non of those three twats deserve the money n the first guy who was eliminated deserved the money .I mean he said the money should be given to charity he knew there others in need of that money more than he

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  • Banana gang :)

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  • 3/7 of them were obese

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  • 1st 3 person voted out were the nicest

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  • They really sold their dignity and souls just for a grand, pathetic man

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  • That gay dude pissed me off so much

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  • That man is really questioning whether that lady is giving it her all to get by when she legit passed out from donating plasma and has a scar meanwhile he is wearing an Apple Watch. They annoy me so much lmao

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  • I hate the black ppl in that video holy asian lady deserved it most and I’m black😂

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  • Lack of money is the root of evil

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  • “You don’t watch a video to learn, you watch a video to have fun,” Mr. Deji.

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  • This shows that black people can be maaaaaad racist.

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  • As soon as that woman says “stop antagonising me” her face suddenly becomes more puchable

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  • His content has improved so much over the past year, well done for bouncing back dej 😂

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  • Anyone who just stared at Ilah the whole video?, not simping. She is weird..............

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  • As a black person, I’ve never been disappointed in my race. 2/3 black people in the group basically just said that they deserve the money because they’re black. The college student deserved the money no cap

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  • Shakera your lying

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  • I hate these people one person would be like I need this money to pay for the medical bills for my 5 year old daughter with cancer and I also need it to buy a house I’ve been living on the streets for 20 years then the black women would be like I need the money for surgery the black guy I need it to get a job that’s free then vote her off

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  • Nothing pisses me of more then when black people say your white you have an easy life ok then how comes when I was younger I got kicked out of my house had to try and find places to stay like at my mums friends house had to live in a one bedroom hotel with my mum my 2 sisters and my mums ex boyfriend then I didn’t see my mum for about a year because she was told to live in a hostel away from us and we struggled for food to where some nights I wouldn’t eat i also have terrible anxiety to where i have panic attacks and I almost pass out because of it and I also have depression so don’t say we have it easy

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  • Jesus Loves you ✝️ Repent before it's too late 🙏🛐🙌

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  • I swear houdan looks like a female chunks

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  • my man just said to comment banana

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  • These lot pissed me the hell off. Especially shakera

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  • Asian girl to good for this world

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  • This makes me hate people

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  • She literally cried and left the room

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  • 🍌

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  • And i wonder why i find people annoying

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  • Anyone know iiah Instagram is

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  • 1min in bye guys

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  • being a black person, I don't know why they were blaming everything on their race, and btw the girl with the hijab on was antagonizing the girl in the red, the whole time, wat a fucking hypocrite

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  • 3:57 Thats americans for u

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  • I was I pissed that I threw my phone at the wall and it nearly broke and I hate how that targeted all the white people I am black and I think one of the white people should have won bc they where so nice

    Kendra BoatengKendra BoatengPred 3 meseci
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  • this vidp got me pissed off

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  • Black man looks gay to be honest 😐

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  • Fucking rejects, all of them. And, the sad part is that a lot of Americans are this way.

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  • Yo that girl with the red dress straight out of Resident Evil; like Ada Wong before she's reached her highest form. lol

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  • Hodan out here looking like thrift shop Chunkz 😂

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  • Deji lowkey racist

    Icey SDIcey SDPred 3 meseci
  • i've already watch pewds video about this but im ready to get annoyed again for deji's reaction

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  • When He Said find out in the next episode I got an ad lol

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  • Big respect to that girl for addressing the race topic.

    Rico LoloRico LoloPred 3 meseci